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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A collage of Products

Just playing around with Picasa and thought this was pretty cool!! Anyway off to organise the kids - Other half has cricket all day today ( i think he chose his prefered spot as cricket so he is away from home a full day....his little bit of R&R.
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nappy & wipes clutch

muslin wrap, long- sleeve tee, onesie & yo yo headband

reversible pinafore top

reversible pinafore top

yo yo headbands

Giveaway $100 worth of Fairy Goat Mumma Product (your choice)
chose from, bibs, burp cloths, onesies, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, reversible pinafores, nappy & wipes clutch, dummy clips, hair accessories, muslin wraps, grow suits, handbags.

As my blog has only been in 'cyberspace' for about 24hours, I am wanting to have a few followers. I have 2 whoot whoot...but to you both THANK YOU. I guess there is not point putting in so much time and energy into my blog if no one is going to read it... Boo Hoo. So, to drum up some followers I am holding a 'Guessing Competition' (bit like the old school comp - how many jellybeans in the jar) or the prank calls we made as kids "hi this ..... from 7HT we're holding a competition how many holes in a crumpet"...we all did that didn't we????


At the top and bottom of the page will see a collage of photos from my previous post. The person to guess the exact or closest number of individual photos I used to create the collage WINS (no photo is repeated)

1. Become a follower of this blog. Click on the FOLLOW button on the right hand toolbar. In the next page, click the GOOGLE button (to sign in using an existing account or easily create a new one for free). Then just follow the prompts and you are done!
2. Leave a comment on this posting. Click on the COMMENTS section at the bottom of this post and leave a message (you may need to sign in again using your google account). Make sure to include your email address so I can contact you of you are the lucky winner.

I will announce the winner when I have 25 followers. SO HURRY UP... send my blog link below to a friend, so that they can enter too.

Remember to be eligible for the prize - you MUST register to follow the blog AND leave your 'guesstimate' in the comments section To those who have left a guess either via e-mail or facebook no need to leave guess again, however you still need to be a follower of this blog to be eligable.

So come on all you Mums, Dads, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters etc get on board!!!

NOTE: Don't worry if you don't have children or know anyone with children, as I make great bags in fabulous fabrics that are ideal for us 'big chicks'.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Once apon a time ....

Who can remember in Walt Disney's 'Cinderella' when the 'Fairy God Mother' granted poor Cinderella her wishes to go to the ball? A beautiful gown, a pumpkin coach, horsemen and the infamous glass slippers? Arriving at the ball at just one look the Prince fell in love with Cinderella and danced with no one but her. Could she have found her one true love? It seemed that time stood still, but alas - at the stroke of Midnight Cinderellas shimmering ballgown faded to her everyday rags so reminiscent of the only life she knew. Running so fast from the ballroom grand doors a slight trip left one single perfect glass slipper to which the prince held close. Who was this striking beauty, who's tiny glass slipper? The following day whilst Cinderella was compounded with her daily chores a knock at the door, an overpowering sense of excitement followed by a surge of goosebumps captured her. The large heavy doors' keyhole provided a glimpse of the glass slipper, accompanied by the distinctive deep voice of Prince Charming - Her Prince Charming = HER PASSION. The rest is History

A gorgeous lady once told me "you will never succeed in anything unless you have PASSION"

I have tried to follow this belief for nearly 6 years now and it has certainly changed my life thus far!! I have gone from being a small business owner of two stores (I am a florist by trade) married, mother of one. To divorced, tho now very happily partnered and mother of two. I realised that my passion was no longer to strive for individual success, but to delve into what it is I am truly passionate about. I am totally passionate towards my family- my ever patient and truly wonderful 'Darl' and my two children Ava (7) and Bill (10 mths), my closest and dearest girlfriends (you three know who you are ... but if you don't - wong, kuko & dusty) , my ever supportive parents and of course 'CREATING' all things - my life, my craft (flowers, sewing the later I'd actually call it an addiction) well to fabric anyway!!

I guess this 'gorgeous lady' was my 'Fairy God Mother' for she gave me the gift to believe and find my PASSION


Fairy - My daughter Ava has always been fascinated by all things magical 'she believes in fairies'

Goat - My son William (Billy, Bill) used to make the most astonishing bleating noises from birth

Mumma - well that's just me and I love being one

This analogy has come to me by sheer thoughts - it was nothing planned I just sat and wrote. To many it is probably 'gibberish' but to me writing my thoughts in a nightly journal has always helped me decongest my ever thinking brain. How can one have so many thoughts, ideas and contain them? I certainly can't! So instead of exercise books and diaries strewn over the bedroom floor and tossed under the bed. I hope I will find not only a means to express, but an outlet to inspire and heal.

I plan to just go with the flow and blog what it is that I need to let go, nothing in particular - lets just see what the day brings.

With that its almost 1am and time for shut eye and lets see what tomorrow brings?

It might be Prince Charming - Oh yeah hes already here xx (now lets all vomit - bit too sickly sweet)