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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Break


I have been on a 'mini break' - actually nowhere really just a break from sewing, blogging and all things creative.

After driving the machine fast and furious in preparation for markets a few months ago - I was left completely buggered and totally burnt out. My creative juices stopped flowing and an overpowering sense to just spend time with the family consumed me. I was feeling a little guilty for my lack of enthusiasm to spend quality time with loved ones - I felt that every waking moment was filled with ways and means to find as many spare minutes in the day to cut, draw, sew etc.

I find that the house seems to be turned 'upside down'( Matt refers to it as a 'brothel on bargain day) when I'm in a creative space - instead of doing a load of washing, vacuuming the floor or changing the sheets, all I want to do is create. I'm sure most of you can relate to this - with two children (8yrs &1yrs) & a part time job - time is the essence!!!

I have really enjoyed my 'mini break' it has allowed me to rejuvenate, clear my head and allow space for new and exciting ideas - which I am now ready to discover and explore.

Great news is in the last week I have put together my little ONLINE STORE its only a temporary one (an invitation to a good friends wedding in Perth, WA has taken the website budget)

.......... Ahh but a REAL mini break will be nice)