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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Creative Space

Busy trying to 'mow' through my increasing pile of orders !! My little one has just gone to sleep, so Brmm Brmm on the machine I will go, then off to work @ 3pm !!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous day !!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

welcome to Olive & Mabel

Please meet the delightful OLIVE

I think she is quite gorgeous - I debuted her a few weeks back at the Barn Market, she was such a hit, that I sold out... Here is one I finished for an online order...

My this years Summer A-line dress range will comprise of 4 different colourways.
- my signature Wallflower fabric by Amy butler, avaliable in Cherry & Slate (pictured above) - i have been using it for over 3 years now - and just seem to love it more and more !!
- optic blossom, and retro 'Betty'.
I am still going to be making 'carrie' which I designed up last year, customers seem to like the little carrot!!! - maybe its the only way to get the children near their veggies .....hehehe

Although the above fabrics will be my 'staple' 2011 summer fabrics, I am still able to do custom orders, such as the little apple dot dress I have just completed for a customer.

I have named this one MABEL

Must keep at it - xx

Thursday, October 14, 2010

kidstlyefile & fairy goat mumma

I am so excited to announce that there is a fabulous giveaway happening right now !!!

The lovely Ange from Kidstylefile & Fairy Goat Mumma have teamed up together and are offering ALL kidstylefile facebook 'likers' the chance to win some great prizes!!!

For all the info and competition details CLICK HERE

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

winners' prize

I ran a competition through my facebook page a few weeks ago. Yesterday I hand delivered this little parcel and flowers from my garden. The lovely Sarah has a little girl 4, and boy 20 months, so I made a 'Carrie' dress and Zoo in chocolate square bib!!

NOTE: Kidstylefile are going to be giving away $300 worth of prizes when they reach 4200 (about 60 more needed) 'likes' on their facebook page - make sure you go and check them out!!!!

Cherry Bomb

This gorgeous fabric is my all time FAVOURITE!!
As long as it is still in print it will feature heavily in all FGM products

This baby bib is suitable from birth - 1 year
I also make larger toddler bibs and funky square bibs

check out my online store for more

Friday, September 24, 2010

Go the SAINTS ...

Our household is hoping for the Saints to win the AFL grand final today!!!
Billy's Pa bought him a beanie and a scarf to wear - which he proudly did at playgroup on Thursday. Billy started walking last Saturday, be it a little gingerly - but I'm sure the running isn't too far away.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Funky Homes

Whilst dropping off some stock at the Uber Cool Funky Homes Store today - I just couldn't resist this wall decor, which now proudly sits on our lounge room wall, just above our couch.
I think its rather chic, and the kids seems to love it (Ava actually wants to make some more birds to put on the branches - she thinks the one bird will be lonely) Bless xx

For more gorgeous products please visit Funky Homes online store or visit Helena in store at 149a Liverpool Street, Hobart.

I'm off to PARTY now....YIPPEE

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nappy Bags

These fabulous little clutches are super handy to throw into your bag for a quick outing - saving yourself the pain of lugging around your usual baby bag. These clutches hold up to 3 x nappies (all sizes) and a huggies travel wipes case. For more fabric options please check out

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spitting the DUMMY

Super handy Dummy Straps/Clips, packaged in a durable plastic container for easy storage in your handbag (will also fit most dummies)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Furry Friends

Our two dogs - eagerly awaiting their morning feed of chicken necks from our neighbour. I took this from her side of the fence..I think its very cute.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

A sneeky peek of my new style bibs

Have been making lots of bibs with an apple theme ready for spring and summer. I will be selling my new square bibs for the first time at the market this Sunday - yes!! Fathers Day, would love to see you there..Masonic Temple, 3 Sandy Bay Road

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mini Break


I have been on a 'mini break' - actually nowhere really just a break from sewing, blogging and all things creative.

After driving the machine fast and furious in preparation for markets a few months ago - I was left completely buggered and totally burnt out. My creative juices stopped flowing and an overpowering sense to just spend time with the family consumed me. I was feeling a little guilty for my lack of enthusiasm to spend quality time with loved ones - I felt that every waking moment was filled with ways and means to find as many spare minutes in the day to cut, draw, sew etc.

I find that the house seems to be turned 'upside down'( Matt refers to it as a 'brothel on bargain day) when I'm in a creative space - instead of doing a load of washing, vacuuming the floor or changing the sheets, all I want to do is create. I'm sure most of you can relate to this - with two children (8yrs &1yrs) & a part time job - time is the essence!!!

I have really enjoyed my 'mini break' it has allowed me to rejuvenate, clear my head and allow space for new and exciting ideas - which I am now ready to discover and explore.

Great news is in the last week I have put together my little ONLINE STORE its only a temporary one (an invitation to a good friends wedding in Perth, WA has taken the website budget)

.......... Ahh but a REAL mini break will be nice)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lolly shop

This is my daughter Ava taken at Richmond a few weeks ago - i guess the saying is correct "as happy as a kid in a lolly shop"

Just saying HELLO...been very busy last few weeks, and not having a camera still... i'm finding my blogs would be all to boring with out photos ( i have my camera phone )but im not a very diligent snapper...

On the sewing side of things, all is looking good, I have some new designs which I am playing around with and will be avaliable at the Barn Market next month

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A last minute change of plans...

Where there is a WILL there is a Way.... I have only TONIGHT confirmed that I will be stallholder at Mathilda's Market this weekend!! After shuffling a few things I had already committed too I have sorted out logistics and will be there will bells on!!

Tho - as I wasn't expecting to be involved 3 days of sewing really isn't much time considering I have to work some of that and look after a baby full time.... Aaah, but I can only do my best and sew as much as I can. Have cut out heaps of things tonight, lots of lovelies for the little one in your life ....but to see them you must come along xx

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dress up - my creative space

Well this is my new 'best friend' - I got her off layby last Saturday and Wow!!! she is so very fast and a dream. This machine is classified as semi industrial and only sews straight stitch BUT 1600 stitches per minute mind you.... tho I have it set on a slower setting until I feel I can handle it. As I sew mostly baby bibs, bags etc I was getting frustrated that my Janome (not very old) wouldn't go any faster, so Jenny Janome has a partner in crime, oh can't forget Travis Toyota (my overlocker) so now there is three....Mmm dining table is an eight seater THANK GOD!!!

This is a pic of my 'creative space' literally, it was once a very organised dining room, but since the arrival of Mr Billy, my sewing room is now his domain.

I made this reversible apron for myself yesterday and is the first thing I made from my new machine (must give her a name)
I wore it out to dinner and the state cinema last night and was tickled pink when asked by 2 women where I got it from....

Happy days all - Im heading off to work x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Led Zeppelin & Sewing....

I would never of put cross-stitch in the same category as Led Zeppelin, so to find a pattern to make your very own cross stitch logo - Well, I just had to share it !!! If you would like to buy the E - pattern go to

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vintage 1996

Whilst sorting out underneath our house today, I found this random photo amongst paperwork from an old florist I had (thankfully been 9 years so its all ready for the incinerator) This photo is now classified "VINTAGE" Dec 1996... I was a footloose and fancy free 20 year old (turning 21 in the January, I'm the one in the pink & purple jumpsuit) We are celebrating the end of Uni ( I think) the girl with the mini is my longest dearest friend who I quoted as "wong" in my first blog post.
"wong" is one of those nicknames that I honestly can't remember where it stemmed from, but has stuck !!!
It seemed back then that every party I went to had a 70s theme - gee I wonder what they all have now 90s??

Very soon my 7 year old daughter will be going through my closet looking for 'really bad' outfits - but I guarantee she wont find any - as we are all stylish dressers aren't we!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A fabulous neighbour

I feel so so very blessed to live next door to a wonderful, loving, giving, warm, funny lady and who is simply a HOOT!! We just shared a bottle of champs together - actually truth be known I scooted off to the supermarket after one glass and came home to an empty bottle...she was a little pickled ( though matt did refill my glass for when I returned )

Pat is 82 years old - but you certainly wouldn't think it!! Not only does she bring my life so much joy, she is what I would define "a gift" - I truly love her, and see her as a part of my immediate family. She not only takes care of my children, feed my dogs chicken necks on a daily basis, she is a fabulous friend to me that I confide in. I would pay 1 million dollars just to live where I do ( actually I'd pay more) so it is without question - even though I said the quilt was for myself that i will sit and hand sew the remaining of this quilt with lots and lots of love and care and proudly give it to her. Pat is OBSESSED with staying up late and watching the tennis ( she had pay tv!!) she once told me it was 'only to perv at Nadals' butt' Hah that is so her!!!

How are our neighbours???

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Creative Space ...

Its a very simple quilt, that I will piece by machine and then hand quilt - which I LOVE to do, especially all cozy on the couch on a winters night!

Amy Butlers Lotus range is my all time favourite, I love the rich colours and the simplicity of the designs...I hope it never goes out of print!

Its back to basics for me today, I started sewing well over 15 years ago and the first thing I made was a square block quilt from charm squares I bought (well I was young so my Mum would of bought for me) from Laura Ashley. I can remember the prints vividly - I wonder where it is now??

I have some gorgeous Amy Butler scraps, which have been hibenating in a box for far to long, so this little quilt will be a gift to me!! As I swear we never seem to make things for ourselves - do you find the same??

Gorgeous Ava

And my other 'baby' Miss Ava proudly modelling one of my early Pinafores!!!

Baby Billy

A little peek at what I was busy doing today...
playing with my gorgeous little man Billy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and the winner is ....

Congratulations to


Miss Ava drew your name from about 30+ enteries
so well done to you!!

Please send me an email and let me know
1.your childs age & gender
2.your postal address

Once I receive your details I will post of a little suprise gift out for the postie x

Monday, May 31, 2010

I Won I Won an award....

Congratulations to ME - I awarded myself


Do I hear three cheers?

I'm serious, its been a month since my last post - which was announcing my giveaway (which I still haven't drawn - how bad is that!!!!)

What a busy busy last month. Had 3 extremely successful markets, The Barn, The Masonic and took a trip on the weekend to Mathilda's Market in Melbourne...and what a trip it was. I went over with two full suitcases of stock and came home with just one suitcase half empty - so it was great!!!

carrot denim slip

The market was held at the Malvern Town Hall, which is a gorgeous old building and in a fabulous location. There was a total of 70 stall holders and a majority of them were selling clothing of some description, there was also some fabulous toys, homewares and colourful eclectic goodies all made with love, care and pride. When I finally thought and found time to take some photos it was pack up time... see I told you I'm the WORLDS WORST BLOGGER... The day went so fast and I found it amusing in the last hour when stock was dwindling down seeing customers reaching out and grabbing the last of certain products. Towards the end they were even yelling from the side of the table 'I'll have the red and white spot one", referring to bibs, bags etc. I would definitely do another market, though it really is a hard task and leaving my family (considering still feeding by bubs) for two nights. The hardest obstacle I found was trying to fit what I needed into two cases (I thought i was so clever not taking any carry on luggage) but when I got to the airport late on Friday night I was SHOCKED to be fined $170 - for extra baggage (i was 17kg over and its $10 per kg) NOT HAPPY JAN... So I will certainly aim to pack a little wiser. I also encountered many hiccups - a kids washing line I bought over from Tas in its unopened box, was missing the screw - so my stall lacked height, if I'm totally honest my display looked pretty ordinary - it was hard to be creative with limited resources... I was just pleased my Mum was there for the last 10 minutes, as I was able to have a quick wonder. Wow....what talent there is in Melbourne! fabulous products and the workmanship was exquisite! I loved wondering in bewilderment through the aisles, salivating over the fabrics, colours and textures - it really was a crafters, mothers, child's HEAVEN.... Finally big kisses to my Mummy for helping me pack away and for the yummy lunch afterwards - shes staying on in Melbourne for a week!!

One of my only photos - Mum helping me pack up!!

Some of my stock ready to be packed

I participated in The Masonic Market earlier this month and was surprised just how busy I was, considering it was the week before Mothers Day (thought everyone would be spending their money on Mummy pressies) - had a fabulous spot right inside the front door, its really encouraging to have so many repeat customers - big thank you to all of you x

Well that's it for now - just wanted to give you all a little 'low down' on whats been happening and inform you all of my new Title (don't forget) WORLDS WORST BLOGGER...

Talk to you all tomorrow with some pictures and winner of competition....

It was also lovely to meet Angela the wizard behind Kids Style File - check out the link I'm sure you'll all become addicted!

Till then - xx

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Everyone loves a good freebie don't they?...I sure do!

Its been a while since posts...sorry about that, I had planned to announce my competition once my facebook fans had reached the BIG 100 - but I just didn't seem to find that spare moment to sit down and type...and when I did have the time, i usually just went to bed as it was too late... The week just gone has been a fabulous one...., lots to fill you in on - but for now lets get this freebie underway!

choice of boy/girl pack
(winner to let me know gender & age)
examples of what might be there...bibs, pinafore, pants, nappy clutch etc
Easy peasy competition guidelines
step 1: Read my first ever blog post titled 'once upon a time' (hint under month of Feb)
step 2: Send me an email to explaining how I came up with the name 'fairy goat mumma' (i don't care how its written, copy & paste, note form...whatever (make sure you leave your FULL NAME)
That's pretty much it - however if you want an extra entry leave a comment under this post (can be just a 'Hello')
The winner will be drawn the 'old fashioned way' of pulling a name out of a hat by my miss Ava (i will post a video link of her doing it)
All entries must be received by 9pm Wednesday 19th May THAT'S 2 WEEKS
Winner will be announced on Thursday 2oth May on facebook & blog
remember ......
1 x entry - send me an email
2 x entries - send email & leave comment under this post

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Piggy Pinnie


I got a fabulous response from putting my 'piggy pinnie' on facebook a few months back, and have since sold out of the pink fabric...but my friend Mr Postie delivered the delightful Cherry fabric (see pic)...I think its quite delicious!! Fabulous for Winter teamed with warm leggings and boots...

The pictured pinnie I have just completed and is going to a gorgeous little girl called Lucia... (sorry about the quality of photos - but was excited to share !!!)

I will be making these for upcoming markets and same red fabric with a latte cotton drill and a gorgeous felt and designer fabric cherry embellishment. Ooooh its all just such fun - I do love being creative... GOODNIGHT ALL XX
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative space today is ...

bibs, bibs & MORE bibs
lots of bibs need to be cut out, sewn with double layer flannel/toweling ready for sale at the Masonic Market on Sunday. I am also cutting out extra of everything so I'll have plenty of stock for Mathildas in Melbourne....better book my flight quick smart...
Lots of dots for bibs, especially the smaller sizes in unisex colours (green, orange & red) I find alot of my customers are buying gifts for friends expecting a baby and they are unsure what the sex will be.... The bibs on the flannel to the left are an order for Em, who bought some at Mathildas in Hobart - loved them so much has ordered 4 more and some for a friend...
Thanks Em - will be in the post tomorrow am
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Gotta love the postie

Oh I do like the days when I see the Postie contractor slowing down when he nears my house. Today he delivered 2 lovely parcels filled with 16 yards of gorgeous Amy Butler Fabric. Usually I like to change my fabrics regularly but have decided to stick to a mostly Amy Butlers' Lotus range. I have all of her disco dot fabrics in stock, as well as all available colourways in wallflower and of course the lovely morning glory in linen. All fabric today will be converted into pinafores, bibs, nappy clutches, hair clips etc... Why is it that I find it so hard to cut the fabric? i love to see it all neatly folded away (well sometimes neatly) I think it is safe to say I am a there such a word?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mondo Mumma Market Menu about a few Ms in the blog title.

Mondo Mamas Market Menu

The ultra spunky Bree from Mondo mumma tantalizes everyones tastesbuds with her fresh, mouthwatering delights every month at the ever popular The Market.
I know I'll be there with a empty tummy to taste ALL of the above!

To Market To Market to buy a ....

I will have a great selection of new designs and fabrics on show this Sunday at
The Market - Masonic Temple Hobart. I will also be showcasing my popluar nappy clutches, hair accessories, bibs, burp cloths, slip dresses, dummy straps, little boy pants etc

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice...

OMG!! - wouldn't it be nice to have our own little sanctuary away from daily life to live, breathe and engage in our creativity... I found this little piece of bliss whilst looking through flikr (only just discoverd it) for pics of Amy Butler fabric. I personally would like a little less colour in my studio - but the end of the dining table any day!
For more pictures of this amazing creative space click on link below
Happy Saturday night everyone x

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Postie Girl

My lovely daughter Ava is the BEST help... She is always willing to lend a hand 'creating' and is very enthusiasitc in telling me 'how I should do things & what is 'cool'. She even manages to see all the 'runaway pins' under the table , even though Ive sworn to have got them all.

Tuesday she mailed off a few orders BLESS x

I can reach

Tippy Toes

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A trip down Memory Lane

A gorgeous bride and bridesmaids

Last Friday night, I took a trip down memory lane... I went to my good friends' family home and did the tulip bouquets above for her youngest sisters wedding. I say memory lane, as so many pivotal times were spent in that house and I did the flowers in my friends old room (she had her own lounge room, bathroom etc) Many a time was spent there gossiping over the previous nights antics, watching dvds, crying over 'lost loves', smiling over 'new loves' - if only those walls could talk - probably good they don't actually!! I really enjoyed doing the flowers and my trip down memory lane, especailly time spent with my friend and her family - though its so frightening to think that we all left school 17 years ago. My my.... how time goes by ...