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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Piggy Pinnie


I got a fabulous response from putting my 'piggy pinnie' on facebook a few months back, and have since sold out of the pink fabric...but my friend Mr Postie delivered the delightful Cherry fabric (see pic)...I think its quite delicious!! Fabulous for Winter teamed with warm leggings and boots...

The pictured pinnie I have just completed and is going to a gorgeous little girl called Lucia... (sorry about the quality of photos - but was excited to share !!!)

I will be making these for upcoming markets and same red fabric with a latte cotton drill and a gorgeous felt and designer fabric cherry embellishment. Ooooh its all just such fun - I do love being creative... GOODNIGHT ALL XX
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative space today is ...

bibs, bibs & MORE bibs
lots of bibs need to be cut out, sewn with double layer flannel/toweling ready for sale at the Masonic Market on Sunday. I am also cutting out extra of everything so I'll have plenty of stock for Mathildas in Melbourne....better book my flight quick smart...
Lots of dots for bibs, especially the smaller sizes in unisex colours (green, orange & red) I find alot of my customers are buying gifts for friends expecting a baby and they are unsure what the sex will be.... The bibs on the flannel to the left are an order for Em, who bought some at Mathildas in Hobart - loved them so much has ordered 4 more and some for a friend...
Thanks Em - will be in the post tomorrow am
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Gotta love the postie

Oh I do like the days when I see the Postie contractor slowing down when he nears my house. Today he delivered 2 lovely parcels filled with 16 yards of gorgeous Amy Butler Fabric. Usually I like to change my fabrics regularly but have decided to stick to a mostly Amy Butlers' Lotus range. I have all of her disco dot fabrics in stock, as well as all available colourways in wallflower and of course the lovely morning glory in linen. All fabric today will be converted into pinafores, bibs, nappy clutches, hair clips etc... Why is it that I find it so hard to cut the fabric? i love to see it all neatly folded away (well sometimes neatly) I think it is safe to say I am a there such a word?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mondo Mumma Market Menu about a few Ms in the blog title.

Mondo Mamas Market Menu

The ultra spunky Bree from Mondo mumma tantalizes everyones tastesbuds with her fresh, mouthwatering delights every month at the ever popular The Market.
I know I'll be there with a empty tummy to taste ALL of the above!

To Market To Market to buy a ....

I will have a great selection of new designs and fabrics on show this Sunday at
The Market - Masonic Temple Hobart. I will also be showcasing my popluar nappy clutches, hair accessories, bibs, burp cloths, slip dresses, dummy straps, little boy pants etc

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice...

OMG!! - wouldn't it be nice to have our own little sanctuary away from daily life to live, breathe and engage in our creativity... I found this little piece of bliss whilst looking through flikr (only just discoverd it) for pics of Amy Butler fabric. I personally would like a little less colour in my studio - but the end of the dining table any day!
For more pictures of this amazing creative space click on link below
Happy Saturday night everyone x

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Postie Girl

My lovely daughter Ava is the BEST help... She is always willing to lend a hand 'creating' and is very enthusiasitc in telling me 'how I should do things & what is 'cool'. She even manages to see all the 'runaway pins' under the table , even though Ive sworn to have got them all.

Tuesday she mailed off a few orders BLESS x

I can reach

Tippy Toes

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A trip down Memory Lane

A gorgeous bride and bridesmaids

Last Friday night, I took a trip down memory lane... I went to my good friends' family home and did the tulip bouquets above for her youngest sisters wedding. I say memory lane, as so many pivotal times were spent in that house and I did the flowers in my friends old room (she had her own lounge room, bathroom etc) Many a time was spent there gossiping over the previous nights antics, watching dvds, crying over 'lost loves', smiling over 'new loves' - if only those walls could talk - probably good they don't actually!! I really enjoyed doing the flowers and my trip down memory lane, especailly time spent with my friend and her family - though its so frightening to think that we all left school 17 years ago. My my.... how time goes by ...

A sticky night

Oozy, gooey, sticky date pudding....that was our dessert tonight!!! Usually I am only compelled to make a dessert when I am procrastinating over something - but for some reason I had a lamb casserole baking away in the oven by 11am this morning ( meat was well and truly away from the bone at tea time tonight) - which by the way was the 'nanna' time of 5.30pm... followed by a rather large serve of pudding with extra rich toffee sauce (3 healthy ingredients of butter, cream and dark brown sugar) and a generous dollop (good word.. dollop!!) of king island cream...If I may take one comfort for all tonights gorging it would be that dietitians say "eat before 7pm so that you are not going to bed with a belly full of food"- therefore not using any energy and waking up a little heavier than you did 8 hours prior ( though can't remember when I last had an uninterrupted sleep...thank you William) So I guess that means I can eat whatever I like as long its by say - 6pm each night!!! Ooh tomorrow night.... let me think...banana fritters, pavlova, trifle, self saucing pudding, chocolate ripple cake, donuts, maggie beer icecream (have some in the freezer delicious!), tiramasu, lemon delicious, pancakes, choc mouse...actually going to opening of Rebecca Roth, Cube art and design in Salamanca tomorrow night... think I'll grab a double header ice-cream from cargo on the way home...YUMMO x
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Pics a little 'IRISH' - in wrong order need to start at the bottom and work your way UP...


Now thats what I'm talking about...

Not to bad..

Bit sticky tho..

Green one looks good

Well today was very special within its self. My little man William turned 1 - with that of course comes a day of reflection...where were we this time a year ago? Most of us Mothers will ALWAYS remember our thoughts and emotions on our Children's birthdays, for it was a huge milestone for us and for me personally I have never felt so empowered.

I set off to work happy and in good spirits, mostly due to the joyful morning spent singing endless versions of 'Happy Birthday' (Ava thought it was hilarious to sing "you live in a zoo, you act like a monkey and you smell like one too') you can probably gather that the trip over the Derwent Bridge at 8:15am this morning was lively, loud and full of laughter. Also pretty pumped that I recieved an email early am, congratulating me on a successful application into Mathildas Market Melbourne... Dropped Ava off to school (she insisted in holding Bills hand the whole way into the classroom , even though I was holding him, cute, cute..) Met Mum at retro in Salamanca and then drove her and William home to the Glebe, put William into bed and said a bye to all and off to Kingston to work with flowers. Finished work, picked up William (Mum picked up Ava) and home to greet some 'merry visitors' to sing more happy birthdays and games of chasing Oh - and of course more pressies to open... most of them with lots of NOISE... thanks everyone!!! (guess its Karma for all the really annoying gifts I have given to friends children - lawnmover hasn't been a hit - sorry Dusty xx ...NOT)

I was feeling on top of the world, having all my family and loved ones around until......yes it only takes a simple thing to bring you back down...

Well my reaction to it is - let it slide, run with what it is you are comfortable with, believe and know what is right and wrong. I have spent a lot of my years worried with what 'other people think, say and do' and I am first to admit that I hold my heart 'directly' on my sleeve for all to see. And unfortunately that can be my undoing - should you follow your head or heart??? Mmmm now I think that's a tough one. But in reality I find that my 'Heart' is too emotional - that's where I sense things first and my 'Head' well unfortunately I tend to go there last, and 'think' and 'react' with my gut/heart.

So a new 'mantra' is born tonight - I will 'feel' the emotion, but then 'pause' evaluate 'then react'...

For I am certainly a creature of 'habit' and 'habit' is very hard to change...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It was a gorgeous market day yesterday...what a little hidden treasure the barn is, tucked away behind Eastlands. I have 'played' golf at that course a couple of times in my Uni days - which was really just a group of us walking 9 holes, losing a few balls along the way, whilst pulling a golf bag full of beer!

Seriously it was great, Miriam and Helen have done a fabulous job in organising the event and it was fantastic to see the public support it as well as they did considering it was only the second time it had been held! Well done to you both!! Miriam is due for her first bub anytime soon - and she worked like an absolute Trojan on Saturday (my hats off to her) I wish her all the best for the birth of her little boy ...and writing the 300+ reports that need finalising before the bundle arrives. I personally had a wonderful day of sales and feedback - from a quick talk to other stallholders they too found the market to be not only fabulous in way of sales, but generally the overall 'feel' was warm, inviting and friendly.

Just a quick mention to the lovely Nell from Ruby Victoria Letterpress I sincerely hope that not only your concussion has subsided - but also your marquee has gathered itself from it 'holiday' in the wind xxx

Well I'm already tucked up in bed with a very warm hottie (that would be of the bottle kind) at my feet... I have had a 'no sew' night, which has been fabulous!! Back on the 'peddle' tomorrow night to get under way on a few orders, then into the kitchen to make a very special birthday cake!!! My little man William is turning 1 on Wednesday.

So with a tummy full of Homemade pumpkin soup (coupled with bread rolls 'prince charming' baked yesterday...yes yes he bakes) and the me its a recipe for a good nights sleep...Mmmm hope Billy feels the same!!!!

nite nite xx

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My favourite sewing accessory

My darling Ava made this for me at school last year and gave it to me on Mothers Day!! I have it placed on my sewing machine and use it everyday. Everytime I look at it is warms my heart...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Raspberry Wedding Bouquet

As you know I am a florist by trade and with this comes the lovely task of assisting the Bride to Be in making her wedding everything she dreamed it would be and more. For those of us who have 'walked the aisle' - oops that sounds like walked the plank..... Brides tend to have very short fuses, especially as the date draws near and emotions are running high! and it certainly doesn't help when the florist is unable to give a guarantee of colour and availability of specific flowers partially due to flowers being subjected to all of natures elements (tho - not so much these days) as a majority of flowers available in today's market are grown in highly controlled environments. Although the positives of this, is that MOST flowers are available all year round, I feel that the downside is far greater.

Firstly I use to get so excited when spring was just around the corner, knowing that all the bulbs would soon be available like, freesias, tulips, hyacinth, jonquils etc. NOW - all are basically available all year round. I honestly wouldn't recommend using say tulips for bouquets throughout the months of November to March. Mainly because they are a winter/spring flower and do not withstand the heat of the warm summer months, they tend to wilt and the blooms 'blow' almost instantly. I also love the smell of flowers, as I;m sure everyone does. IF you take note of someones reaction when they are given a flower, be it a single or large bunch the first thing they do is place it to their nose and smell...but, these days with all the intervention from commercial growers, the once longed for scent is put to the wayside in favour of colour, stem length and longevity. A rose was always deemed so lovely as their fragrance was so sweet, these days when ordering a dozen roses, you will pay according to stem length. A 'typical' bunch of a dozen long stemmed red roses will give you minimal if any change from $100...and Valentines Day well....that's a total blog on its own!!! I guarantee that only 20% of all roses sold in a florist have a smell so - if it is a fragrant rose you are after, best bet is to pick from on old rambling garden, or specifically request a perfumed rose. David Austinroses are one of the most popular and fragrant varieties.

Something that really p****s me off is the wholesale price we as florists are compelled to pay for flowers - a majority of all cut flowers used in Tasmania are imported from the flower markets and private growers in Melbourne and Sydney. We do have a few successful bulb growers here in Tasmania, that export both nationally and internationally... but get this.... you or I can walk into the flower markets or worse still a grocer in Melbourne and buy a bunch of Tassie grown flowers cheaper than what we can buy here...I know that wholesalers in these places buy huge quanties and therefore get a much less individual bunch price, but to think of the logistics to get them there (road, air etc), plus they have to be fumigated and put through quarantine - how can they possibly sell at such a lower price?? I think that Taswiegans need to band together and rally the price we all pay for locally grown produce (be that flowers, fruit, veg, meat, dairy etc)

I have had the honour of collaborating together with hundreds and hundreds of 'blushing and not so blushing' brides in designing and constructing their 'dream' bouquet, reception flowers, table centrepieces etc. From the small and intimate to the extravagant and lavish all weddings The gorgeous flowers below (if I do say so myself) I designed up in early January for a friend who coincidentally designed and configured my little 'fairy goat mumma' logo. I love the simplicity of these bouquets, yet it is filled with different colours and textures. I love natural 'posy style' wedding bouquets, simple, elegant and in neutral hues,. I love to add a slight twist to the classic with the use of kiwi fruit, limes, seedpods, berries, feathers etc.

The first photo is of the Bridesmaids Bouquets and the next photo are all the flowers that the Brides bouquet comprised of - how gorgeous are the Vanilla roses.

My darling Ava was flower girl and wore a textured head circlet of roses, blackberries, hydrangea, freesias, Brunei berry, seedpods etc. I have tried to find the photos - I'll upload when I find xx Ooh, she did look so cute!!

A little joke about a florist

A new business was opening and one of the owner''s friends wanted to send flowers for the occasion. They arrived at the new business site and the owner read the card; it said "Rest in Peace".

The owner was angry and called the florist to complain. After he had told the florist of the obvious mistake and how angry he was, the florist said:

"Sir, I''m really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry you should imagine this: somewhere there is a funeral taking place today, and they have flowers with a note saying ''Congratulations on your new location''."

Well, enough of my 'random' blog tonight. This Easter Bunny was woken every half hour after midnight by a certain 7 year old wondering "can I go and look now" "is it time to get up"...I finally gave in at 3am...