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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dress up - my creative space

Well this is my new 'best friend' - I got her off layby last Saturday and Wow!!! she is so very fast and a dream. This machine is classified as semi industrial and only sews straight stitch BUT 1600 stitches per minute mind you.... tho I have it set on a slower setting until I feel I can handle it. As I sew mostly baby bibs, bags etc I was getting frustrated that my Janome (not very old) wouldn't go any faster, so Jenny Janome has a partner in crime, oh can't forget Travis Toyota (my overlocker) so now there is three....Mmm dining table is an eight seater THANK GOD!!!

This is a pic of my 'creative space' literally, it was once a very organised dining room, but since the arrival of Mr Billy, my sewing room is now his domain.

I made this reversible apron for myself yesterday and is the first thing I made from my new machine (must give her a name)
I wore it out to dinner and the state cinema last night and was tickled pink when asked by 2 women where I got it from....

Happy days all - Im heading off to work x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Led Zeppelin & Sewing....

I would never of put cross-stitch in the same category as Led Zeppelin, so to find a pattern to make your very own cross stitch logo - Well, I just had to share it !!! If you would like to buy the E - pattern go to

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vintage 1996

Whilst sorting out underneath our house today, I found this random photo amongst paperwork from an old florist I had (thankfully been 9 years so its all ready for the incinerator) This photo is now classified "VINTAGE" Dec 1996... I was a footloose and fancy free 20 year old (turning 21 in the January, I'm the one in the pink & purple jumpsuit) We are celebrating the end of Uni ( I think) the girl with the mini is my longest dearest friend who I quoted as "wong" in my first blog post.
"wong" is one of those nicknames that I honestly can't remember where it stemmed from, but has stuck !!!
It seemed back then that every party I went to had a 70s theme - gee I wonder what they all have now 90s??

Very soon my 7 year old daughter will be going through my closet looking for 'really bad' outfits - but I guarantee she wont find any - as we are all stylish dressers aren't we!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

A fabulous neighbour

I feel so so very blessed to live next door to a wonderful, loving, giving, warm, funny lady and who is simply a HOOT!! We just shared a bottle of champs together - actually truth be known I scooted off to the supermarket after one glass and came home to an empty bottle...she was a little pickled ( though matt did refill my glass for when I returned )

Pat is 82 years old - but you certainly wouldn't think it!! Not only does she bring my life so much joy, she is what I would define "a gift" - I truly love her, and see her as a part of my immediate family. She not only takes care of my children, feed my dogs chicken necks on a daily basis, she is a fabulous friend to me that I confide in. I would pay 1 million dollars just to live where I do ( actually I'd pay more) so it is without question - even though I said the quilt was for myself that i will sit and hand sew the remaining of this quilt with lots and lots of love and care and proudly give it to her. Pat is OBSESSED with staying up late and watching the tennis ( she had pay tv!!) she once told me it was 'only to perv at Nadals' butt' Hah that is so her!!!

How are our neighbours???

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Creative Space ...

Its a very simple quilt, that I will piece by machine and then hand quilt - which I LOVE to do, especially all cozy on the couch on a winters night!

Amy Butlers Lotus range is my all time favourite, I love the rich colours and the simplicity of the designs...I hope it never goes out of print!

Its back to basics for me today, I started sewing well over 15 years ago and the first thing I made was a square block quilt from charm squares I bought (well I was young so my Mum would of bought for me) from Laura Ashley. I can remember the prints vividly - I wonder where it is now??

I have some gorgeous Amy Butler scraps, which have been hibenating in a box for far to long, so this little quilt will be a gift to me!! As I swear we never seem to make things for ourselves - do you find the same??

Gorgeous Ava

And my other 'baby' Miss Ava proudly modelling one of my early Pinafores!!!

Baby Billy

A little peek at what I was busy doing today...
playing with my gorgeous little man Billy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and the winner is ....

Congratulations to


Miss Ava drew your name from about 30+ enteries
so well done to you!!

Please send me an email and let me know
1.your childs age & gender
2.your postal address

Once I receive your details I will post of a little suprise gift out for the postie x